«Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.»

Stephen Hawking



«You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.»

R. Buckminster Fuller

Mediation is :

  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • Confidential
  • Make decisions for yourself

Definition of Mediation :

A mediation is a facilitated negotiation by a trusted neutral.

It is a process that offers the parties the opportunity to handle difficulties with efficiency, creativity and value. It is the opportunity to craft a solution based on interests, preserve relationships. It is the opportunity avoid the time, cost, contingencies and disturbance of litigation.

"Mediation means a structured process, however named or referred to, whereby two or more parties to a dispute attempt by themselves, on a voluntary basis, to reach an agreement on the settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a mediator. This process may be initiated by the parties or suggested or ordered by a court or prescribed by the law of a Member State."
Article 3, Directive 2008/52/EC of the European Parliament

«You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.»

R. Buckminster Fuller

Family businesses


Both families and businesses are institutions with established sets of expectations, spoken and unspoken needs, stories people tell others and themselves, and a great deal of habits, rituals and other inherited patterns.

Successful ones are built on committed relationships. That commitment requires attention. The relationship between the family members must keep a genuine space for each individual, and have the courage to question any dysfunctional behaviour or pattern.

The crafting of the new governance will be based among other on an then explicit open negotiation on how to invent new ways of responding to challenges and difficulties/how best to resolve disputes and having the flexibility to do so, as well as on the attribution of means, acknowledgment, and responsibilities.

I come from a family that has started several family businesses. I have not only worked in my family’s business (and within other family businesses), but have lived there, our home and the business being at the same place. I am keenly aware of how painful a conflict in such a situation can be, but I am also keenly aware of how powerful a family can be when all members have aligned their vision and motivation.

The work with family businesses can be on the construction or reconstruction of the governance, the transmission of the governance on to a new generation, or a heritage mediation.


"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Proverbial wisdom

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Proverbial wisdom

Conflicts between partners


Tensions amongst partners are inevitable and they unfortunately too often become conflicts. Off course those situations can feel heavy but they don't have to be toxic.

Mediation allows you to structure or re-structure the relationship on the long terme so that it is satisfying, constructive and best equipped to apprehend the bumps on the road.

Why Chrysalide?

Chrysalide is the french word for chrysalis. After several high growth stages in the caterpillar, the chrysalis stage happens. It is a transformation stage where the tissues and organs dissolve to piece together again in the shape of a butterfly. This metamorphosis is a beautiful metaphor of mediation.


The cocoon's protection reminds of the confidentiality of the mediation process that secures the place of transformation. The final results originates from existing elements, like the agreement in mediation that is built on the participants' need, interests, and material reality. The liquefaction reminds us of the total creativity provided for in mediation while searching for the most satisfactory result possible. Finally, the chrysalis reminds us that every organism is bound to transform itself to adapt to its environment but also to reach stages with a higher level of complexity.

Cécile Maitre-Ferri

Cécile Maitre-Ferri is a certified mediator by the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris), by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (London), and by ADR ODR International (London). She also holds a Postgraduate diploma in International Dispute Resolution (University of London). She is a member of the Association Nationale des Médiateurs (ANM), of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (CSMC section de Suisse romande), the International Mediation Institute (IMI), and the International Academy of Mediation (IAM).

From a multicultural family, she grew up in the French Alps which has given her early in life a love for the great outdoors and sports. It has probably also given a strong desire to go and discover what lies beyond, what isn’t currently visible, since she has after lived and worked on three different continents. Those experiences have probably given rise to a desire to become a better photograph, and the conviction that better understanding despite differences is possible and enriching. Her other hobbies include enjoying good food (with a special mention for cheese), traveling, and a humble interest in IT.

EU rules on mediation

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  • French : native
  • Mandarin : working level
  • Danish : spoken fluently
  • Spanish : intermediary level


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